Meet Medspa810’s New VP of Franchise Development!

We’re so excited at medspa810 because our team is expanding! We’ve worked diligently to acquire big talent in the franchise world to help make your dream of owning a medspa a reality, so we are thrilled to introduce Gayle Longmore, medspa810’s VP of franchise development.

In the spirit of welcoming Gayle to medspa810 and getting to know her a bit better, we asked Gayle to share a few of her industry insights and inspirations.

Q: Please tell us a little bit about your new role at medspa810.
As the VP of Franchise Development, my role is to educate interested parties about our program. I want to ensure that we are bringing in new medspa810 owners who will be successful and satisfied with their decision, as well as great contributors to the overall success of the brand.

Q: Is owning a medspa a good business opportunity right now?
Gayle: The medspa industry is a vastly growing segment of the beauty industry with incredible growth year after year!

Q: What are some of the major pitfalls of opening your own business? Can a franchise help remove some of these difficulties/obstacles?
Gayle: The biggest pitfall for any potential business owner is not having a defined business plan for their business and being under-financed. Owning a medspa810 franchise gives the franchisees guidance through the real estate process, build-out, financing, training, ongoing business coaching, ingenious marketing tools, and strategies to grow the business year after year.

Q: Why is medspa810 special? How does it stand out in the world of franchises?
Gayle: The medspa community is presently a diverse conglomerate of individual owners, as well as two other franchisors. Those franchisors do not have the same depth of experience that our team brings to elevate their franchisees’ operations. Our CEO, Francis Acunzo, with his 25-plus years in the medspa industry, paired with our real estate and marketing teams’ unique experience in the medspa industry, elevates our model. We bring the expertise of Maria Shinabarger in managing the operations and training, and the guidance of Greg Longe, who is well respected in the franchise industry for growing successful brands. We have built a team where the synergy of these individuals creates a platform for a very successful franchise model.

Q: What's your favorite part about working for medspa810?
Gayle: I LOVE the people and the energy that everyone brings to the table. We are here to support business owners and the passion of the owners to ensure that we are helping people to be the best version of themselves that they may be. That is what truly inspires me to help grow the model.

Q: Please tell us a little bit about your hobbies/pets/what inspires you!
Gayle: I have been involved in the franchise industry for many years. I love assisting my owners in building a legacy for their families. I have a large, robust and diverse family who keep me grounded in celebrating the many joys of life. I am a dog lover and really enjoy cooking Italian food for my family and friends. My sweet potato gnocchi with blue cheese sauce is my signature dish. Add a Texas grilled steak, and my guests never leave the table hungry.

Q: How can a person learn more about medspa810?
Gayle: If you’re interested in opening your own medspa810 franchise, that’s terrific! Your first step is completing our online form today!

New VP of Franchise Development Gayle LongmoreFront of medspa810 building

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